Brows & Lashes



AG Signature Sculpt · $80

Includes a thorough consultation, signature AG brow sculpt and tidy + brow dye OR Henna if desired. Recommended for all new clients needing a brow makeover!

Brow Wax New Client · $30

Wax, shape & trim.

Brow Wax Regular Client · $25

Wax, shape & trim.

Mens Brow Tidy · $30

Wax, shape & trim.

Henna Brows (No Wax) · $60

Henna Brows (Wax Sculpt Included) · $80

Henna is an all natural plant based dye that creates a long lasting stain on the skin as well as rich colour on the brow hairs. Henna also promotes hair growth! It can last up to 3 weeks on the skin & 8 weeks on the hair. Wax trim & sculpt included.

Hybrid Brows (Wax & Dye) · $65

Brow dye is an extra long lasting tint that colours both the hair & skin, unlike normal tint, hybrid dye can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hair. Brow wax, trim & sculpt included.

Hybrid Dye Only · $35

Hybrid Lamination · $105

This treatment involves setting each brow hair in the desired shape to give you a full, feathery & fluffy look! Depending on your growth cycle, lamination can last up to 3-6 weeks! Wax, trim, sculpt & brow dye included.

Brow Lightening Treatment · $105

Our brow lightening treatment can lift and lighten your natural brow hair colour up to 3 levels to give you are more soft & subtle look if you feel your brows are a little too bold.

Brow Lamination Only · $80

Does not include waxing or tinting.



Keratin Lash Lift · $110

The lash lift treatment that tops all others, using a keratin enriched strengthening solution we are able to give length and curl to your natural lashes with out any damage! Our formula protects and promotes longer, healthier lashes! Lash tint included.

Lash Tint · $40

Lash tint only.

Lash Lift Reversal · $85


Hybrid Brows + Lash Tint

Brow wax, brow tint & lash tint. $99

Lash Tint + Brow Wax

Lash tint & brow wax. $65

Henna Brows + Lash Tint

Includes brow wax, Henna tint and lash tint. $115

Henna Brows + Lip Wax

Henna brows & lip wax $90

Hybrid Brows + Lip Wax

Brow wax, brow tint + lip wax. $75

Brow + Lip Wax

Brow & lip wax. $35

Hybrid Brows, Lash Tint + Lip Wax

Brow wax & tint, lash tint + lip wax. $110

Brow Wax, Lash Tint + Lip Wax

Brow wax + lash tint + lip wax. $75

Brow, Lip + Chin Wax

Brow, lip & chin wax. $45

Henna Brows, Lash Tint + Lip Wax

Henna Brows + lash tint + lip wax. $120