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1:1 Professional Masterclass

kickstart your beauty career

AG Private Masterclass

The masterclass includes three live demos by mentor George, during which you can ask questions and record the sessions for future reference. You'll practice on your own model under George's guidance, using all provided equipment and products from your comprehensive training kit, which is valued at over $1000.

What else is included? Discover a break down of the modules covered below.

module breakdown

Module 1

Module 1 covers health and hygiene, including sanitation, disinfection, and sterilisation. It emphasises personal hygiene and effective communication skills for maintaining professional standards and client interactions.
~ Health and hygiene
~ Sanitation, disinfection, sterilisation
~ Personal hygiene
~ Communication skills

module breakdown

Module 2

Module two covers hair growth anatomy, selecting the right brow shape based on face shapes, recognising contraindications, and identifying allergic reactions.
~ Hair growth anatomy
~ Face shapes & choosing the right brow shape
~ Contraindications
~ Allergic reactions

module breakdown

Module 3

Module 3 includes client consultation, skin preparation, correct brow measurement, proper wax placement, and techniques for tweezing and trimming.
~ Client consultation
~ Skin Preparation
~ Correct brow measurement
~ Correct placement of wax
~ Tweezing and trimming

module breakdown

Module 4

Module 4 covers colour matching, HD Brows, Henna Brows, HD Lamination, and aftercare procedures.
~ Colour matching
~ HD Brows
~ Henna Brows
~ HD Lamination
~ Aftercare

module breakdown

Module 5

Module 5 covers social media tips and tricks, photography skills, social media apps, salon software and booking systems, maintaining client relationships, and product suppliers.
~ Social media tips and tricks
~ Photography skills
~ Social media apps
~ Salon software & booking systems
~ Maintaining client relationships
~ Product suppliers

AG 1v1 Masterclass

What else is included?

~ Assistance in capturing before & after photos for your social media portfolio.
~ A comprehensive training manual.
~ A complete training kit with high-quality products worth over $1000.
~ A certificate of achievement signed by George.
~12 months of ongoing online support.
~ Discount codes for online product suppliers.
~ Discounts on future classes and eBooks.