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Skin Packages At AG

Our mission is to provide results driven beauty packages while simultaneously empowering the idea of self care. We are dedicated to delivering the ultimate experience for our clients to not only look their best, but feel it.

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China Doll Facial Packages

Experience the China Doll Facial at Alexandra George, a non-invasive treatment using laser/IPL technology and a medical-grade carbon serum. This gentle procedure cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it instantly radiant and smooth. Popular among celebrities and public figures, it's perfect for achieving a luminous glow before special events.
China Doll treatments + 1 FREE. Packages can not be refunded or transferred.
4 x China Doll treatments FACE ONLY + 1 FREE · $800
4 x China Doll treatments FACE+NECK + 1 FREE · $1000
4 x China Doll treatments FACE+NECK+CHEST + 1 FREE · $1400

Get your glazed donut skin

Glass Skin Facial Packages

The glass skin peel, introduced in South Korea, has quickly gained traction with its popularity soaring due to its minimal downtime, discomfort , and ability to achieve glass-like skin results.
Glass skin facial treatments + 1 FREE. Packages can not be refunded or transferred.

4 x Glass LHALA peel FACE+NECK +1 FREE · $1000
4 x Glass LHALA peel FACE+NECK+CHEST +1 FREE · $1276

Say goodbye to foundation

BB Glow Packages

BB Glow is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to achieve glowing, radiant, seemingly pore-less skin after 3-6 sessions lasting up to 4-6 months.
It is a safe skin treatment that can assist in reducing the appearance of freckles, pores and dull skin tone. It also benefits skin discolouration/scaring cause by acne, photo-ageing, ages spots and uneven skin tone. Micro needling is one of the procedures used during the treatment, which gives clients an immediate skin brightening and rejuvenating effect.

3 x BB Glow treatments + 1 FREE · $900

Receive 1 FREE BB glow treatment in this package! (normally $300 per treatment). All packages must be pre-paid for.